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Sandy Hook Massacre Research Package

The Sandy Hook massacre, allegedly perpetrated as the act of a self-motivated, deranged madman, quickly became the centerpiece of a plan to strip US citizens of their remaining inalienable rights. The official narrative, however, as parroted by the government controlled media outlets, rapidly began to disintegrate. Indications of foreknowledge or planning, with regard to the violent event, also began to appear - strongly suggesting that the massacre had been orchestrated for the political advantage of those who so quickly sought to exploit it.

This archive of research and news stories (some of which were since scrubbed) is for the benefit of those who are pursuing a truer understanding of what occurred, and why.

Police have been unusually adamant in this case, about clamping down on the release of accurate information. For example, no one was allowed to photograph the crime scene, victims, or release any such photos to date. Only one "parent" of a victim has been publicly interviewed, whom later turned out to be merely an actor. Armed guards have been posted in the homes of the families of victims, apparently to ensure their silence. Police deliberately deceived everyone, by stating that the crime scene would not be disturbed until the following Sunday - then somehow smuggled all the 'bodies' past the press encampment undetected on the intervening Saturday morning. Reportedly, no one else has been allowed to see them, except the coroner. Why? And how? Truly these facts are bizarre and inexplicable.

An early police report revealed that Adam Lanza, the (now) alleged perpetrator, had been in police custody. This has been corroborated to a degree by a later report that Adam Lanza had been sighted alive by one officer who entered the building. However, intercepted police radio has been uncovered, clearly indicating personnel transmitting the order "take the life of Adam" soon after the arrival of police at the scene. Was Adam Lanza captured and deliberately executed?

Consider also, that several suspects - as many as four - had been captured by police at the scene. Why have the others disappeared with no mention? Note that Adam Lanza had been found in the possession of handguns only. The rifle purportedly associated with the crime, was locked in the trunk of a car, with no possibility of him reaching it. Yet, the crime scene was reportedly littered with rifle casings... and the coroner reported on film that "all the victims he examined" were wounded by rifle ammunition. Obviously, there were perpetrators other than Adam who are now being hidden. It may even be, based on these facts, that Adam Lanza is not even the main perpetrator.

The first package is for text (PDF) and images only. For video, please see the following:

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